The Mecatech Idea

We provide parts, consumables and selected tools to the motor trade. We do not sell all things to all men, we do notpromise delivery within the hour. We do however provide professional solutions that can save a garage valuable time, reduce their risk and, by improving the service they provide their customers, help them improve their bottom line.

Picking up the phone to the factors seems to have become the default method of sourcing parts. The efficiency that comes from holding a smart selection of fast moving parts has been overlooked for too long. Some may never have experienced the pleasure of turning a job around quickly using parts that are right there on the shelf. Turning the job around sooner allows you to move onto the next job and frees up the workshop space. Think of the time wasted communicating with the factors, the jumping from one job to another and then the paper trail once the parts have arrived and the job done.

If those parts are truly Multi-Fitting and of a quality that you can rely on then you can take on last minute work, you can save significant time and this improves profitability.

Mecatech specialises in finding parts that are truly Multi-fitting. We identify compact ranges of products that have a very wide coverage from a modest number of parts. We also specialise in products that, with minimal adaptation, will fit a wide range of vehicles instantly.

Mecatechs original product, the very first quick fitting, multi-fitting CV boot kit, epitomises our ethos. It is a single part that fits the vast majority of applications very well, saving time and providing an end product that is better than OE. Every aspect of our CV boot kit and tooling is optimised to work superbly during fitting and in use on the vehicle. Unlike some suppliers, Mecatech CV boots, steering rack boots and ball joint covers are our own design as are our Omega clamps. We pay attention to the things that make a difference to you when fitting the part.

There is more to the choice of CV gaiter than just the price. If a cheaper gaiter kit takes longer to fit than a slightly more expensive one, what value do you put on the extra time it takes? £1, £2, more? When you fit a premium part, do you tell your customer? If you choose to use the best you should rightly charge a higher price as it will last much longer. The cost of the boot kit is but a small part of the overall cost of changing a CV boot so small price differences are less important than the time taken to do the job.

Because our solutions are truly multi-fitting their place on the shelf, there in the workshop where you need them, is justified by the frequency of use. Using the same product regularly builds proficiency and confidence and this enhances the bottom line.

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